monday morning message #30

This week’s monday morning message is about “changing views”:


Now does Clark Kent aka Superman have a positive attitude or is it just resignation speaking of this quote?

If you just take this quote out of context, it could be seen from both sides, I guess.

On the one hand, yes, sometimes you might find yourself in a desperate situation – and when you least expect it, things turn out just fine.

However, on the other hand, this quote could also mean that some things you take for granted – circumstances you seem sure will never change and therefore give you a feeling of security – could change. And your feeling of security might turn into you feeling insecure.

In my opinion, both theories are somewhat attractive – change can be a good thing, it can mean progress.

Now, here’s another view on change, an old saying based on a French proverb:

Another interesting view on change.

History repeats itself – a sentence I found always a little bit silly, because I don’t see how every single bit of what has already happened can happen again, the same way.

Fact is: it can’t. If the first landing on the moon (I don’t want to go into conspiracy theories here, I’m just saying…) repeats itself, it will automatically be the second landing on the moon, or a repetition of the first landing of the moon.

However, depending on the angle from where you look at it, the saying is true.

The 80’s are experienceing a comeback (thank goodness, I’m still gutted about having been born in the wrong time and missing out on all the glam metal/hairspray-fun!), rock’n’roll is coming back, too.

As Jon Bon Jovi puts it: “It’s the same damn song with a different melody. The market keeps on crashin’, tattered jeans are back in fashion, instead of records now it’s MP3.”

It all depends on the point of view, I reckon.



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