The Aftershock

There hasn’t been much happening here lately.

The reason for that is not only that I had a pretty busy week, but also the fact that something happened that literally paralysed me.

BEFORE: The ChCh Cathedral in March 2010 (pic: own).

I presume by now you would have heard of the 6.3 earthquake that struck the New Zealand city of Christchurch this week – as of today, more than 100 people have been confirmed dead and about 200 are still missing.

I heard about it literally the second it happened because I was on twitter and follow some people who live in Christchurch or have families there, so I read the horrible messages and just slowly started to understand the horrific scale of the tragedy.

You may know by now that I have very special bonds to New Zealand and not only family, but also friends there (who luckily all seemed to have been in other places all over the country when the disaster happened).

The country is dear to my heart and hearing about the tragedy, the loss and the grief, my beloved Kiwis suffer from these days gives me heartache.

AND AFTER: The Cathedral is just one of many buildings damage by the earthquake on Jan 22. {click for source}

Next week it’s going to be exactly a year since I have last been to Christchurch where I spent a lovely holiday, having breakkie in the café next to the cathedral… now the cathedral is “fucked”, as a friend puts it.

New Zealand is shocked but once again it’s just admireable how quickly the people have reacted: Kiwis from all over the country have organised all sorts of things to help those affected as quickly as possible.

One of the fundraisers I particularly like is The Great Sunday Bake Off:

People in the Wellington area are asked to spend their Sunday baking cakes and bread and bring it down to Lambton Quay on Monday, where it will be collected and transported to Christchurch where it’ll be handed out to those in need.

I wished I could bake something, for example the White Chocolate Muffins I created today (I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!).

Sitting in Germany, literally the other end of the world, I feel helpless – I wished I could just take time off work, fly over and just DO SOMETHING.

But I can’t.

All I can do is monitoring the web, retweeting important messages about where in town the next water supply will be, where people can get groceries from or spread news about the latest websites and blogs set up to provide as much information as possible.

Here are a few  links (randomly put together) that might come in handy in case you are in Christchurch/affected or generally need to know more:

Twitter #hashtags: #ChCh #eqnz #Christchurch #nzearthquake

If you would like to contribute you can make a donation at the Red Cross website. I’d like to point out that people have been warned about fake donor websites on twitter and have been asked to donate directly to Red Cross if they want to help.


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