An unintented love letter

So speaking of… – no, actually, let me go back a little and explain things from a different angle: let me first reveal who inspired me to start this blog.

She might not know it – and I can’t quite recall how it happened that I found her blog in the first place – but it was Kim from Cupcakes and Mace who’s blog I saw, fell in love with and then absolutely childish {as I tend to get when I see something I like} yelled out: “I want one, too!”

So here we are, that’s how this lousy attempt of a creative space started up…

What I was originally going to say was that now that I have my own blog, I still keep reading hers {and those of many others} and the other day I just came across one of her posts, which really touched me.

In relation to the devastating erathquake that struck Christchurch about a week and a half ago, she wrote a short {well, compared to my wordy posts short} but very compelling and heart-breaking but also heart-warming posts that touched my heart. – READ HERE

That she says she feels “more patriotic than ever” says it all.

And that is exactly the reason why – as most of you would know by now as I have mentioned it quite a few times, I think – I love that country and even more its inhabitants so much: if it goes bad Kiwis stick together, if it gets even worse they stick together even more and help each other out and if there’s a crisis they are still the most generous, friendly and welcoming people I have ever encountered.

Their positive thinking was what always fascinated me about New Zealanders and it gives me reason to believe that my beloved Kiwis will also manage to handle this crisis.

[P.S.: When I started writing this blog post, I just intended to point out how amazingly Kim’s blog post just tells about all the aspects New Zealanders feature, but then it kind of turned into a hommage to her blog and a love letter to Kiwis, which is just as well, so I decided to just go ahead with whatever my two typing hands produced… Just so you know.]


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