Find out if you are…

When I was little, I was totally crazy about everything pink.

When I got a little older, let’s say, maybe from 12 to 17, I hated everything pink.

Now, a few more years down the track, I absolutely adore everythink pink again and would kill for rainbows, unicorns and other cute stuff.

So that’s how I came across a tumblr blog (that features lots of pink and rainbows) where I found this picture:


If I were one of these people who understand maths and are really quick at adding up numbers and stuff, I could possibly prove that this always works.

I guess it does.

However, if you try it with your birthday and it doesn’t work… well, I guess you’re not in love then.


4 thoughts on “Find out if you are…

  1. Haha, I would probably need a draft and little pictures to visualise what you just told me… So that wasn’t really a spoiler for me since tonight I’m too tired to think about such complicated things. *lol*
    But thanks for explaining, it’s quite fascinating!

  2. It does always work… unless you were born in 2000 or later. But then you’d be like eleven, and that’s absurd. 🙂


    if you add your age to the year you were born you will always get the current year if your birthday has passed or the previous year if it hasn’t. By specifying that you should take only the last two digits, you’re effectively subtracting 1900, and so you will always get this year minus 1900 which is 111 or last year minus 1900 which is 110. So then if you add 32 or 33, you’ll always get 143.

    I’m a geek.

  3. I know!!! It’s crazy, ey!? Unfortunately, I’m not really that great in Maths that I’d actually be able to explain (let alone understand!) it.

  4. I didn’t see this earlier this week – I whipped out the calculator (on the computer) and while I am in love, I want to know how they do this!!!

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