Fairytaleicious revisited | WEEKEND WIND UP #28

The more I bake, the more is being eaten.

It’s ridiculous when you think about it.

There were times when I would do some baking every fortnight, then I’d bake every weekend – and now I bake a few times a week.

Take this weekend, for instance.

On Friday night I felt like having a cake. And in saying that, I mean a simple, big, delicious stirred cake. One that would last at least until Tuesday.

Well, today is Sunday, the cake is gone and I was back in the kitchen, because my family told me how much they’d appreciate to have more cake.

So I made cupcakes instead.

I wanted to keep it simple, so I went back to the Fairytaleicious Chocolate Cupcakes à la Sabrina I made in October.

But I also felt a little bit adventurous and decided to go with another topping.

Instead of the chocolate icing I used last time, I decided to go for cream cheese topping.

I still had some cream cheese at home from the other night when I tried to make Oreo Truffles – but let’s talk about that another time.

So for the frosting, I used

  • 125 g butter (room temp.)
  • 125 g cream cheese (Philadelphia, actually)
  • 250 g icing sugar
  • a few drops vanilla essence
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla sugar
  • yellow and red food colouring

I mixed the butter with the cream cheese, added sugar and vanilla essence and then poured half of the frosting into another bowl. I added a few drops of yellow food colouring to one half of the frosting, a few drops of red food colouring to the other half.

Then I filled a pastry tube with the yellow frosting and put it on top of the cupcakes, later I finished off with the red (or actually pink) frosting.

Now my cupcakes look a bit like sweet little roses.

I am actually quite happy how they turned out – especially when you take into account that when I made the dough for the cakes, I didn’t use as much liquid as the recipe required, so the cakes are quite dry.

But the sweetness and moisture of the cream cheese frosting totally makes up for it.

What’s your favourite frosting?

I’m always on the look for new recipes and I find that especially with cupcakes you find thousands of good recipes – but try and find a good recipe for a topping… it’s like looking for the proverbial needle in the hay stack.

So if you know of a good recipe for frosting/icing/topping, please let me know!


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