I scream, you scream… | WEEKEND WIND UP#29

Totally have to show you what I bought today!

Unfortunately, it’s going to be about a week until it will be delivered, but I’m still bouncing of excitement.

Today, I ordered a popsicle cake tin. Or a cake-sicle tin. Or lollipop cookie pan. Or call it, whatever you like – it’s like a muffin tin but for… well… popsicles made of cake.

{via google/amazon}

I didn’t even know something like that existed until I started reading The Dainty Squid last year. It’s one of my favourite blogs and in July, Kaylah postet pictures of her amazing cake-sicles.

Now I finally found a popsicle cake tin on amazon and ordered it straight away.

As I said, I will need a little patience, they said it’ll take approximately until March 31 before it will be delivered.

That means I have to wait for an entire week and while waiting, I decided to explore what can be done with that tin.

On Baking Bites, I found another inspiring idea – a great way to make them with cookies.

But there are also other cool tins for other shapes than popsicles:

– the spring edition, as I like to call it

– the Valentines edition

And for recipes that don’t necessarily require one of these tins, have a look at Bakerella’s recipes. Awesome, and so easy to make!

I now have to go and make some lemoncake blueberry muffins and a chocolate fudge pie for tomorrow (we’ll have some guests over for tea), but I’ll surely going to document my first attempt at cake-sicles next week!

{via Baking Bites}

11 thoughts on “I scream, you scream… | WEEKEND WIND UP#29

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  5. Hey Natalie, thanks for visiting! Once I got my cake tin and you got yours, we totally have to exchange pics and recipes!

    Ana, I’ll definitely blog about the cake-sicles again! I just can’t wait to get the tin…

    Jenner, you’re so right! I think, there are some bakers who make really cute things out of cake pops, like I saw little frogs with green coating and eyes made of edible food colouring and things like that – but most cake pops are just simply cake balls on a stick and that’s quite boring…

    Thanks for visiting, ladies!

  6. That’s a great idea! I hate how making cake ball lollipops, a lot of bakers just smoosh baked cake into balls and coat with chocolate. This is much more appetizing!

  7. Wow. Oh wow. Oh wow! Cake on a stick – the idea is actually *amazing*! You’ll have to show us your creations once you get the tin 🙂

  8. Thank you for visiting, ladies! I knoooow, I just can’t wait for mine to be delivered!

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