Ice cream Sunday |WEEKEND WIND UP #30

Have you had a look at Google today?

It’s ice cream Sunday today!

Apparently it’s the 119th anniversay of the first documented ice cream Sunday sundae – how awesome is that?!

So it looks like this:

{click for source - which is obvisously Google}

Awesome, don’t you think!?

Speaking of ice cream: I’m still waiting for my popsicle cake tin to arrive… impatiently. Pleeeeeaaase be delivered tomorrow, please!

P.S.: Here is more about the history of Google Doodles

8 thoughts on “Ice cream Sunday |WEEKEND WIND UP #30

  1. Hey Ana, good news! Got an email from amazon today, apparently they have sent the cake tin off now. So it should be delivered tomorrow! (I knew it – I waited ALL THE TIME and didn’t bake a thing until today. Today I finally gave up waiting and stated baking and… tataa… it’s going to be delivered soon! Now fingers crossed our mailman doesn’t deliver it to the wrong street or something…)

  2. Hey sherri! I bet it would be fun to design Google Doodles! By the way, usually the reason for the Google Doodle comes up when you scroll over it and when you click on it,it usually searches for everything that is related to the Google Doodle!

  3. Yeah I saw this doodle – it’s gorgeous. I’d quite like a little plaque like that with my name on, might have a little play around on
    And you poor thing, they’re really making you suffer with that cake tin aren’t they. Hope you get it soon!

  4. I would love to have a job designing the google doodles, how fun! thanks for explaining this one, didn’t know why they had it today!~

  5. Hey Paula,
    thanks for visiting, nice to “meet” you! We had about 27°C on Saturday and about 24°C today – which is not normal for April anyway – so it definitely was the perfect weekend to celebrate the 119th anniversary of the documented ice cream sundae. (Unfortunately I didn’t have any ice cream 😦 ) .
    You have a good week, too!

  6. Hi Michelle, I usually don’t post every Google Doodle (actually that was the first one I posted) – I just really liked the layout of this one and wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention. 😉

  7. Hi Sabrina!

    I am dropping by from the LBS tea party. Yup, I’ve been doing a lot of googling for the last few days and this is definitely their cutest to date. I love ice cream sundaes. Haha. 🙂

    Have a good week ahead.

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