monday morning message #36

{pic via rainbowcookiemonster; lyrics "Welcome To Wherever You Are" by Bon Jovi}

April is a good time for new beginnings, don’t you think?

It’s spring time, flowers are blooming and a fresh start for nature seems just like the perfect time for a fresh start for myself.

I try new things, I go new paths, I meet new people.

A new beginning is exciting, even though it often means to end something else.

Have a fairytaleicious week!


5 thoughts on “monday morning message #36

  1. Oh, Traci, sorry to hear that, sounds like you had a few aweful months! In some ways, I can relate to that, because I pretty much had a never ending cold from the beginning of November through to the beginning of March. Reason for that was mainly the lack of central heating (or heating in general actually) at my workplace…

  2. My beginning this April is the end of my sick season. I spend Nov. to March pretty sick (allergies, sinuses, bronchitis and the like.) But my body responds really well to consistent summer weather. YAY! No more sick days.

  3. Thank you both for the lovely comments! The picture is awesome, although I have a little problem with the Eiffel Tower because for some reason it didn’t look the same when I was in Paris to see it for real. I think I sometimes have too high expectations of some of these very famous places. Same happened with the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin – I got there and all I thought was: “Gosh, I’m disappointed, it looks so small in real life!” 🙂
    Saucy B, I’ll check this song out if I can find it. I think it’s a very common saying, thanks for the tipp.

  4. I love that line. But I remember it from a song called “Closing Time”. I can’t remember the band who sings it.
    Thank you for your very kind words on my blogoversary post. I look forward to celebrating your upcoming milestone with you too!

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