Coming events cast their shadows…

… or so they say.

coffeerocketfairytale is going to celebrate its first anniversary in June and I think it’s just about time for some new developments.

First of all, I would like to announce that if you want to get in touch with me directly, there is this new email address you can use:

coffeerocketfairytale INSERT AT

I was a bit shocked to see that there are quite a few googlemail addresses containing coffeerocket or coffee.rocket or something like that in any form already – but even though the new address is quite long, I think it’s probably the best (and less confusing) solution.

Those of you who use twitter know that you can follow me.

Also, there will be a facebook page for coffeerocketfairytale soon. I’m still a bit undecisive about the whole concept but it will happen soon and I will certainly tell you more about it as soon as I have made up my mind.

Sorry for the boring post – but I can promise you I have planned to try a new recipe tomorrow and will tell you about it later this week!


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