Matryoshka Madness | WEEKEND WIND UP #33

Ever since I can remember, I was particularly fascinated by little things.

When I was little, my favourite toys were those tiny animals made of rubber that are actually a choking hazard to every child but since I promised not to put them in my mouth, I was somehow allowed to play with them.

Another toy I really liked to play with was my matryoshka doll set and I particularly loved to take the mini-doll, the tiniest one in the middle, out and play with it.

On the web, I found some pics of matryoshka dolls – aren’t they pretty?

I can’t even decide which ones I like best but I’d probably go for the set in the top left corner if I had to choose one.

Matryoshka dolls have a long history – may I quote Wikipedia to introduce you to the early beginnings of Russian doll-making:

{click for more info}

As pretty as they are – nowadays matryoshka dolls can be so much more than “just” colourful toys.

A little while ago I discovered a set of measuring cups that was basically a set of matryoshka dolls:

{click for source}

You can get them via Dream In Plastic, where you can also find a tea set for two – also in matryoshka design!

{click for source}

I just wished there weren’t any shipping costs… I don’t really want to order overseas because shipping costs and airfares are always so high.

Still – both items are on my wish list!

But here is my absolute favourite: a matryoshka carafe set!

{click for source}

Just like with the tea set, you can pop off the head and turn it into a cup.

So cute!

I’m actually thinking about taking the risk despite the shipping costs…

When doing my Easter shopping last week, I came across another matryoshka-related product: a book.

Having studied in New Zealand, I had the pleasure of meeting bestselling author Kate De Goldi one night and now her book “The 10pm Question” conquers the German market – with a beautiful cover.

BOOK COVER (via Google)

I can’t tell you if the book is any good but judging on what I’ve heard so far it must be a really good read and I put it on my list of books I need to check out.

Do you know of any more matryoshka-related products or would you like to share your matryoshka-story?


5 thoughts on “Matryoshka Madness | WEEKEND WIND UP #33

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  2. Wow Ana, that’s crazy. Looks like we both like the same stuff! How cool is that!?
    No, I don’t mind at all. Go for it! Let me know when you publish your matryoshka blog post and I’ll link to it on my blog.
    The carafe set… yes, I want that really badly, too. I think fredflare delivers worldwide but it’s very very expensive… 😦

  3. Sabrina you keep posting about things that I love! It’s getting weird!! I adore Matryoshka dolls! Every time we went to my sister’s godmother’s house when I was younger I’d always play with them – she had some just like the ones in the top right picture.

    I hope you don’t mind if I write a post about them soon – I’ll post a picture of the set I have which my boyfriend bought for me, they’re adorable!

    Again, thanks for a great post!


    (P.S. Currently trying to find the carafe set that will deliver in the UK – I want one!)

  4. I think mine is somewhere in some box either in the basement or in the attic. Somewhere in between my old toys… I really need to see if I can find it again.

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