monday morning message #37

Good morning everyone!

I think these are some very wise words because we all have to make decisions in our lives and when we decide for one thing or another, we think about what we want – and act accordingly. 

Later on, we might wish we would have decided on (one of) the other option(s) but at the point of time when we make these decisions we always opt for what we think is the best choice.

Someone once said that a good decision was a bad decision you never made – in other words: would you have decided differently, you still would have thought the decision was a bad one even though when you haven’t experienced it, you think it must have been better.

But I think that’s just what we think anyways.

Studies show that most people reckon other people lead much happier lives than themselves – even though they don’t.

We all have good times and bad times, ups and downs and we all are being surprised by life.

Because there’s one “rule” you can always apply: whatever you do, your situation will always be differently from what you expected it to be.

But that’s the exciting bit, isn’t it?  

Have an exciting week! 


3 thoughts on “monday morning message #37

  1. That’s so true… I think the biggest thing we have to learn is how to roll with the changes and forget about regret. I keep forgetting that myself.

  2. this is an awesome quote and so incredibly true!! i love it!!!! wow for some reason rereading it makes me feel really great! thanks for that!


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