monday morning message #39

Good morning everyone, 

I’m really bad when it comes to decision-making, I just don’t like to decide on one thing and dismiss another. 

I worry a lot about things (too much, probably) and that’s probably why I hate making decisions – I always wonder what would happen if…

Naturally, I appreciate every piece of advice that could help me to make the right decision, such as the following message found on icanread

Next time, I will try and flip a coin to make my decision. 

What about you? How do you feel about decision-making? Do you ever worry your choice might turn out to be bad? 


4 thoughts on “monday morning message #39

  1. Hi Hannah! I can relate to that, I experience the same. I think most people do… What I find though is that when you look back on past decisions you sometimes find yourself wondering what had upset you so much. I find that a lot. I look back on a decision I made last year – and know that last year it kept me awake at night and I was really stressed out about it although there was no reason to stress, because after all good decisions are just bad decisions you didn’t get to make. Or the other way round.

  2. That is such a fantastic piece of advice – so true. I’mterrible at making decisions and find myself getting really worked up and upset about the big ones. I might just try and do this next time!

  3. Gut feeling is great for short-term decisions. Problem is only that most of my “important” decisions allow me too much time to think about… and once I start thinking, worrying comes naturally.

    But setting a deadline sounds like a good plan to me, thanks Peg!

  4. I’m always worrying about this and that, in the end I’ve had to make a list and set myself a deadline for getting things done.

    For more short term decisions I usually go with my gut feeling, it usually leads me into the right direction.

    Peg x

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