Spiky Superstars: Cactus care continued

It’s been about a month now since I bought my cacti and succulents so I think it’s about time for a short update.

Here they are, beautiful as ever:

Not sure if you could say they have grown significantly within the past four weeks, but at least I can definitely attest: they haven’t shrunk either!

I’m full of confidence that this cacti business of mine is all working out.

And once I can be sure of having a green thumb, I will go on to my next project: miniature terrariums.

A few days ago, Dani posted on her blog Kittenbear photos of her first attempt at creating a terrarium and I am thrilled to say: it looks marvellous! Go and check it out!

On ReadyMade I also found a step-by-step guide on how to make your own miniature terrarium, so if you want to have one, too, go and check it out here.

And because I’m in such a botanic mood at the moment, I end this post with a beautiful picture of a pink poppy in our garden:

5 thoughts on “Spiky Superstars: Cactus care continued

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  2. I love cacti and succulents. I went to your Dani link and checked out her terrariums too. I hope to one day try to do one of those, I love the way they look. Will check out your readymade link!

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