It’s a… boy!

I have a few (exciting) things to share today.

First of all: I’m delighted about the lovely comments I get every week from you – and I’m especially happy about the comments I got on my last post in which I shared what’s meaningful to me. (I won one of the giveaways, by the way!)

Secondly, I would like to introduce you to {insert name}:

Isn’t he gorgeous?

He is the latest addition to our family, hasn’t got a name yet (my favourite is “Hemingway Calvados Sanchez” but that’s quite long…) and still mistakes our favourite pot plant for his loo.

He’s quite shy too (it’s quite difficult to photograph him) but the same time very nosy.

And he’s fascinated by my bare feet.

It’s difficult deciding on a name, so if you have any ideas… all suggestions are more than welcome!


6 thoughts on “It’s a… boy!

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  3. I think my family likes “Luigi” best and that’s a name he seems to like, too.

    Peg, you’re absolutely right: he’s a sweetheart!

  4. Hi,

    I agree I love the name Hemingway.
    He is so cute, and its quite funny he mistakes your plants for the loo.


  5. The story behind the name idea is that a friend of mine had a cat called Whisky, then got two little kittens and decided to call them after drinks as well. So she called them Jack and Glenn (Jack Daniels, Glennfiddich).
    So I jokingly I suggested to call our little cat like my Dad’s favourite drinks, the Hemighway cocktail and the French brandy and because Hemingway Calvados sounds like something is missing, I added Sanchez just for fun.
    But we’ll see. Other ideas so far are Valentino, Cassius and Keanu…

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