Luigi’s outdoor adventures | WEEKEND WIND UP #39

I think it’s time to share some more pictures of Luigi with you.

He’s too fast for my camera most of the time, but I managed to get some decent shots of him the other day.

This week, he went outside for the first time and I am happy to say that he found his way back home. (In the first picture, you can see him on one of his many adventures – chasing ants. You obviously can’t see the ants, but believe me, he chased them!)

He is so cute, but quite exhausting, too, because he can never sit still.

I admit, the pics are a bit misleading because it looks as if he was relaxing on a garden chair all day long when in actual fact he was running around all the time…

So the following pic is actually more like him:

In other news, I am excited to tell you that my Tupperware order has arrived.

No, that was actually not what I was going to tell you (even though it’s true – my Tupperware stuff has arrived and I am excited!) – I’ve been awarded my first blog award!

The Joyful Sparrow passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to my blog! Thank you!

The rules have gone lost a little bit, but I believe I have to pass on the award to five other people (who shall be named in the following) and tell you some random stuff about myself.

So… let me think… I start with naming five bloggers who deserve the award, because that seems easier than telling you random stuff about myself (although that’s what I do here on coffeerocketfairytale anyway, isn’t it!?).

In no particular order (because all your blogs are awesome):

They have all been awarded because the post so many exciting, interesting and beautiful things almost every day and I really appreciate the value they add to my daily reading.

Okay… so the random stuff about me-part is a bit tricky… let me think again…

  1. I love baking, but I really have trouble making a decent sponge cake with buttercream filling.
  2. I probably know my way around in New Zealand better than in Germany, although I have been born here and lived here most of my life. (Plus, I most likely know more New Zealand towns than German towns.)
  3. I absolutely love (decent) journalism but I loathed being a so-called “entertainment journalist”.
  4. I can’t stay in one place for longer than three weeks without getting “the itch” – I am most likely addicted to travelling (if there is such a thing).
  5. I set the kitchen on fire yesterday. (True story – I made a cake and made one fatal mistake: I followed the recipe! That’s basically the gist of the matter, but I’m going to tell you that story when I tell you about the cake I made…)

6 thoughts on “Luigi’s outdoor adventures | WEEKEND WIND UP #39

  1. Haha, Lizzie, I blame the recipe, too, believe me!

    Luigi says hi to you all, by the way. He’s here right next to me, desperately trying to sit on top of my keyboard (I guess he wants to be typing, too).

    Bella, I’m sure he would love to meet Roxy!

  2. Sabrina, I’m in love with Luigi and I’m not even a cat person! 🙂 OMG, he is the cutest! I’m sure he’d immediately make friends with my little dog, Roxy. She’s a universal lover, cats included! hee hee! I really enjoyed reading this post and I see you have my favorite word as part of your blog title–coffee! Woot woot!

  3. Awww thank you! And I definitely agree with your choice of The Dainty Squid – such a great blog. Will be checking out the others very soon too!

    Luigi is such a cutie, the photos are gorgeous 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness, thankyou so much!! 🙂 I cannot wait to hear about you setting the kitchen on fire… I blame the recipe 😉

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