Currently obsessed with… | WEEKEND WIND UP #40

1. Bruges – I plan a short trip to Belgium.

2. Nintendo – I re-discovered my old Nintendo 64 (and I love these amazing cake pops).

{via Bakerella - Noni in New Jersey:}

3. Nailpolish – because once I start my apprenticeship in a bakery, I won’t be able to wear nailpolish any longer (for health and safety reasons as I’m obviously producing food).

{via &}

What are you obsessed with? 


5 thoughts on “Currently obsessed with… | WEEKEND WIND UP #40

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  2. Bella, I’m really looking forward to see Bruges now. And I’ll definitely take my camera, because just like the both of you, I also love taking pictures.

  3. Like Far and Away, I’m obssessed with taking photos! I’ve been to Brugges three times and it’s never enough! It is a fairy tale place come to life! Prepare to be enchanted with its little canals and beautiful buildings. The market square in Brussells is one of the most beautiful in all of Europe! It took my breath away!

  4. Oh, I love taking photos. I think photography is great. – And I’m totally with you with the nailpolish. I mean to choose the perfect nailpolish is difficult because there are so many beautiful colours out there. And decision-making is something I’m having trouble with anyways. Haha.

  5. Hi Sabrina!
    I saw you on Lady Bloggers.
    Obsessed, huh? Im obsessed with taking photos and dot paintings 😉

    that nail polish photo reminds me of when I was buying my last nail polish for my birthday and I couldnt decide for the love of the god which one to pick. I literally pick 5 of them and put them back and after about 20 minutes I picked the first one I liked of course. I always do it lol.

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