Flight of the Cupcakes

Once again I’m swept off my feet.

It must be discoverers’ week this week because following yesterdays Batman-style coffee, I am now excited to share another extra-ordinary goodie with you:

Flight of the Conchords-cupcakes!

THE REAL DEAL: Flight of the Conchords-cupcakes {via So Pauvre}

Aren’t they amazing?

“Flight of the Conchords” is a comedy duo from New Zealand and a US TV series of the same title – and they are just as hilarious as these little cakes look delicious.

I found the cupcakes on So Pauvre, “a blog about nothing” as Alicia calls it and I am absolutely amazed by how cute they look.

Plus: They are not only cupcakes, but also New Zealand-related.

Class act.

Or – to put it in Murray’s words: “They came. They saw. They chonchord.”


5 thoughts on “Flight of the Cupcakes

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