You will probably have noticed by now what has been happening here over the weekend: some beautiful changes to coffeerocketfairytale!

I really needed to get some structure in my life, so not only did I tidy out my wardrobe, my bedroom and my desk, but also the blog.

The major improvement is that there is some more structure in what used to be called “Koffeinkick ✍ life-saving tutorials ✍”.

Have a look:

It’s called “Koffeinkick” now and when you click on the button in the top bar, you will find a page that assembles all the fun stuff: recipes, tutorials, how-to’s…

There are three snazzy buttons which will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Additionally, there is also a drop-down which will bring you to the same category pages.

Go and have a look and try it out yourself!

Oh, but before you head off to admire the new features, there is something else I’d like to point out to you: this was only just the beginning.

You may have noticed the “Book Club” on the right-hand bar.

That’s the place where I feature the book I’m currently reading.

I love discovering new books and I love to share my reads, too, so next step will be to create a little “book shelf” where you can see what books I’ve read and share what books you like.

But let’s talk about that later…



5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

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  2. Thanks, ladies! Yeah, there have been less posts than usual, but I found it important to make some changes to bring some kind of order into all the post and everything. But “normal” blogging will continue soon, too.

  3. Lady, I’m liking the changes! I love new features! Methinks I’ll be busy checking out your new stuff! 🙂

  4. I love your book club and book shelf ideas! I have my ‘to read’ list (which I haven’t actually told people about on my blog yet, oops!), but your ideas sound really snappy 🙂

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