Crochet Craziness IV – Granny Squares | WEEKEND WIND UP #41

I have already announced it yesterday – today I have a granny square-tutorial for you.

I decided to keep it as simple as possible and take pictures of each step, so that you can easily follow what I was doing.

Make sure you know the basics before you start (it’s less upsetting when you know the stitches before – trust me, I speak from experience!).

You find basic stitches and crochet tipps here and here.

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Start with a chain of six stitches (1). Pull yarn through the first stitch (2) to close the round (3).

For the first round, start with three chain stitches (1). Pull the yarn through to make a double crochet stitch (5,6).

Make another double crochet stitch (7,8), then 3 chain stitches (9).

Add three double crochet stitches (10), three chain stitches, three double crochet stitches, three chain… until you end up with a tiny square (12).

And that’s basically it.

The pattern for the inner round and the first round is: 

ch ch ch ch ch ch – – – o

ch ch ch –  dc dc – – – ch ch ch – – – dc dc dc – – – ch ch ch – – – dc dc dc – – – ch ch ch – dc dc dc – – – ch ch ch 

Now, if you want to continue, just go ahead, but if you want to change the colour to have the second round in… let’s say turquoise for instance, you need to tie a knot and cut off the white thread.

Pull the new (turquoise) thread through one corner and repeat steps 1 to 12 – with one little change: in every white corner go three double crochet stitches (dc)- three chain stitches (ch) – three double crochet stitches. Between the corners, there is just one chain stitch.

So the pattern for the second round is:

(corner 1) dc dc dc – ch ch ch – dc dc dc —– ch —– (corner 2) dc dc dc – ch ch ch – dc dc dc —– ch —– (corner 3) dc dc dc – ch ch ch – dc dc dc —– ch —– (corner 4) dc dc dc – ch ch ch – dc dc dc.

Any other round follows the same principles – there are always three double crochet stitches, then there is either one (between the corners) or a group of three chain stitches (in the corners).

You can add as many rounds as you like and use as many colours and different types of yarn as you can possibly find.

I prefer to use crochet yarn, but wool or embroidery cotton works just as well.

Apparently, Luigi likes wool best.

And now – let’s go crocheting!

Blanket of all sizes, shawls, ponchos, skirts, pillow cases, rugs… granny squares are miscellaneous and stylish and we are looking forward to hear what you are making of granny squares.

What will/would you use granny squares for? 

P.S.: If you have any questions or if anything isn’t quite clear, don’t be afraid to ask. Luigi and I will happily reply to comments and emails! 


9 thoughts on “Crochet Craziness IV – Granny Squares | WEEKEND WIND UP #41

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  2. Classic NYer, self-made presents are always the best ones!
    I don’t have much time on my hands either, but I try to do one or two squares while watching the news…

    Colleeng, I’m with you – I’m not a knitting talent, either. I once knitted a scarf when I was in primary school. It was okay considering that I was probably 7 years old then, but I can’t say that my knitting skills have imporved since… But have a look at some of the turorials I made. Crochet is so much easier than knitting!

  3. Oh man, I want to learn to crochet, but I would need you sitting next to me. Really! I learned to knit a few years back but I’m so lame at it. Lots of patterns I like though are crochet so I really have to learn to suck at that too! I’m visting from LBSTP today. I love your site. I’ll be back.

  4. Oh man, I haven’t crocheted in a million years… oh, that’s not true… a couple of winters ago I gave everyone in my family scarves because I couldn’t afford Christmas presents.

    That’s something I’d definitely get back into if I had that kind of time on my hands, haha!

  5. Until a few weeks ago I had no clue how to crochet granny squares and then I looked at some tutorials and still wasn’t too happy with the results. So I figured out how to do it my way (which you can see above) and I think it works pretty well so far…

  6. Haha, you’re probably right, Bella, he would totally be happy to help!

    Oh, Cinnamon, whether it’s talent or not has yet to be determined… let’s wait until the granny blanket is finished…

  7. Sabrina, all Luigi needs is a crochet needle and he’s ready to help with the granny blanket! Love this photos and easy to follow instructions! Now if only I could inspire myself into following your lead! 🙂

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