Wasting time in style – Tetris

If you want to waste time in style, you could read “Bad Fucking(the name of a place, not a curse word, although you might mistake it for one, but if so I’m shocked of how naughty my readers are!), a criminal novel by Kurt Palm, like I do at the moment.

Or you could play First Person Tetris.

Which I also like.

Now this screenshot is obviously just that – a screenshot.

But if you actually go ahead, click the link and play First Person Tetris you’ll be surprised and taken aback by it’s awesomeness and classiness.

Oh, and make sure to turn your speakers on.

I promise you will not be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “Wasting time in style – Tetris

  1. Oh, so sorry to hear that Ana!
    When I first played it, it messed with my head, too, but then I kind of got the hang of it… and now I really love it. It’s more difficult than usual tetris, though.
    But you have to agree: the style/layout is awesome, too!

  2. That was HORRIBLE! I love tetris, but the fact that the whole tv rotates completely messes with my head and I couldn’t do it at all! The concept is awesome though, I do have to agree!

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