PEZ art

Today my brother and I went wholesale grocery shopping for his restaurant and I got this:

When we stood right in front of the huge rack with lollies I told him about this photo of a collection of PEZ dispensers I’ve seen on the internet a while ago and he bought this little Hello Kitty-PEZ for me.

PEZ-collections are awesome, have a look at this:

{click for source}

This is such a great way to display a colourful collection.

Another awesome idea to grace a white wall is to attach the PEZ dispensers with strings, like they did in the following picture:

{click for source}

And if you’re totally crazy about PEZ (and cars) this might be the ultimate solution for you: the PEZ art car!

{click for source}

Did you know that the brand PEZ was actually invented in Austria and was named after peppermint candy (because that’s what it originally was – a peppermint candy for upper-class adults) and derivates from the German word Pfefferminze.

When conquering the American market in the 1960s, the company decided to put the little heads on top of the dispensers.

Meanwhile, PEZ has reached cult status and documents trends in popular culture.

For the British royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April, the company produced a single set of dispensers – which has been auctioned off for charity for more than € 9.000.

The first PEZ dispenser in the 1950s looked a bit like the one in the beautiful artwork by Alex Farfân, by the way:

Artwork by Alex Farfan {click for more info}.


2 thoughts on “PEZ art

  1. You totally should!
    I didn’t even know that collecting PEZ was such a big deal until I found that first photo of that PEZ wall the other day… But apparently it’s a real cult.

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