I’m back

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back.

Now, has anyone guessed where I had been? And has anyone got it right?

Let’s have a look… (*insert-dramatic-drumroll*)

I went to see

{in case it's not readable: it says "Bon Jovi"}

Remember my Bon Jovi ramblings about not being able to see them perform in a city nearby once upon a time, not so long ago?

Well, being a Bon Jovi fan is a permanent disease and it takes more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy“, so I thought to myself: if the Bon Jovi concert can’t come to me, I must come to the Bon Jovi concert.

And off I went.

I always pictured myself in New Zealand or New Jersey when attending my first Bon Jovi show outside of Germany.

Well, neither happened to be the case.

I ended up in a place with 3.000 odd inhabitants, speaking a dialect I don’t understand and a language I failed to learn at school – despite six years of study.

My first Bon Jovi show outside of Germany took place in Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Zeebrugge is small, yet charming – although I didn’t even find a dairy, leave alone a supermarket there.

The hotel I had booked a few weeks prior to my stay was a… desaster.

When I arrived I was told there was no such booking under my name and that I must be mistaken.

So I argued with the guy at the reception, because I had received a confirmation of my booking via email a few weeks ago.

Finally, he gave in, agreed that I was right (and he was wrong) – but still didn’t have a room for me.

So eventually, he called his colleague down the road at Hotel Atlas and I ended up in the most charming, beautiful little hotel you can imagine (check the link if you don’t believe me!).

And from that point, I had a fantastic stay in Zeebrugge.

I took a long walk at the beach, hired a bike to ride to Blankenberge, saw the show (unfortunately still didn’t meet Richie Sambora, but one day I will!) and paid a visit to Bruges.

Belgium might not be the usual travel destination but it certainly is worth a visit!

Travelling alone seemed a bit scary at first, but once I was on the road (or on the rail, actually, as I took the train to get there) it was so much fun!

When you are on holiday all by yourself, you can do whatever you want and visit the places you want to see. It’s awesome!

I also want to share some of the pics I’ve taken at the concert, so I will put together a little gallery for you and post shortly.

Have you ever been travelling alone? If so, please share your story, I’m looking forward to hear about your adventures! 


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