Basic truffles

A little while ago, I promised my blog friend Ana over on Twitter that I would post a recipe for ice cream pralines here on coffeerocketfairytale.

But then this happened:

Yeah, bummer.

The fact that I tried to make the pralines while it was about 36°C outside and only little less hot inside the house might have added to the desaster.

But anyway – still working on how to make ice cream pralines and in the meantime I’d like to share my take on the Oreo truffle recipe with you.

All you need to do is to finely crush some Oreo biscuits, mix them with some cream cheese and coat them with white chocolate.

To mix things up, however, I also added some Leibniz biscuits, crushed almonds and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Sounds crazy, I know, but I actually wanted to put some chili in there – until I realised I didn’t have any chili.

The mix still tasted a bit boring, so I decided to use the pepper instead, just to bring out the flavours of the main ingredients a bit more.

And it worked just fine.

As for the amount of ingredients… I used one pack of Oreos (176 g), 1 package of soft cream cheese (200 g), about 10 Leibniz biscuits and 400 g white chocolate for the coating.

On top of the truffles, I scattered some crushed Oreos.

Generally speaking, I think it might be better to use a few more Oreos than cream cheese, so that the batter doesn’t turn out to be too liquid.

Coating the truffles can be a bit of a challenge, I have to admit, but with a little bit of practise it all works out.

If you can’t get enough of these truffles, have a look at my all time favourite food blog by Bakerella and also make sure to visit the Oreo site where there is lots and lots of inspiration to find.

Another good idea: chocolate truffles.

Not with Oreos, but still very delicious, though.

2 thoughts on “Basic truffles

  1. And even though these ingredients are so yummy, combined to truffles they are even more amazing, nan!

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