Currently obsessed with…

… finding inspiration. 

Let me show you three places where I can find inspiration.

Why not start right here, online?

When it comes to web trends, I might be known for being one of the last people in the blogosphere to jump on the bandwagon.

I mean, we all know how long it took coffeerocketfairytale to get a facebook page, right!?

So now I finally discovered Pinterest – and I love it.

There are so many inspirational images and things to find there… endless opportunities for the creative mind!

Another source of inspiration is literature.

I love reading and recently I “discovered” subject literature for crafts and DIY projects – my latest addition to my bookshelf is a book on sewing.

I only have little experience with sewing machines, but I wanted to change that for yonks and with “Sewing machine basics” I might have found the perfect tutorial… (I’m sure you’ll find out about my sewing adventures soon).

{via tipjunkie - click for source}

Although I always start the week with an inspirational thought, I sometimes need some benelovent and comforting words on any other day of the week.

If that’s the case, wise idea is the place to go.

That site is full of ideas, word games, proverbs, wisdom and sayings. And it has a pretty layout, too.

Where do you find inspiration?


7 thoughts on “Currently obsessed with…

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  2. @Ana: When I made the cushion covers, it was a relatively easy decision in terms of the colour of the fabric. I just went with black because the sofa they had to go with is red, the carpet blue and the table next to the sofa was orange, so it had to be a neutral colour… 🙂 I think I might try to make a little pouch next, not sure though…

    @nan: Thank you, that’s so sweet of you! I get a lot of my inspiration from looking at other blogs, too, but also from my friends and family. It’s amazing to see other people’s creative output.

    @Stacie: Wow, I feel so special! Thank you very much!

  3. Where do I find inspiration? From bloggers like you, of course! I’m not crafty and I only sew enough to make curtains (ho) – but I love other people’s talent and get a lot of amazing ideas from that.

  4. Oooh cool! I’m planning on sewing some cushion covers soon – just need to find the perfect fabric for them (I’m very indecisive though!). Do you know what you’re planning on sewing next?
    Yeah it was approved pretty quickly, I had to get off it though as I was at work and would have gotten very distracted otherwise! Am going to have a little look on it now – will try adding you on it if I find out how!

  5. I should have known that you’re into that, too. We really like the same things. ALWAYS! 😀 I have a little experience with sewing, already, but I want to learn more. A little while back I made a tunic/blouse and before that I sewed three cushion covers.

    I could invite you! (Mind you, your request has probably been approved by now… if not, let me know…)

  6. Oh my goodness – sewing too?!!! I love sewing! I finally set up my macine in the new flat, have so far sewn a jacket for a fancy dress party (I didn’t use a pattern or anything so there were holes in the armpits, but noone could see!) and hemmed a little curtain for the bathroomm planning on sewing a cover for my sewing machine next, have already got the fabric 🙂 Good luck with it – once you get the hang of it it’s really fun! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make 🙂 That sewing machine looks gorgeous too!
    I’ve had a quick look on Pinterest and it looks addictive – I’ve already requested an invite!

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