Seven things and 15 people | WEEKEND WIND UP #44

I was going to do a post on either cookies or the new toys for my DSLR camera I bought the other day or pies or books or craft or muffins or… (you get the picture) – but then Stacie came along.

Remember Stacie?

She’s the lovely lady with the amazing blog Riley’s Smile who shares her experience with special needs.

And she decided it was time for another blog award for me and called me a “Versatile Blogger”.

The rules state that I have to tell you 7 things about me, thank Stacie (I have thanked her on her blog and mine now, but I’m happy to do it again: thank you so much, you’re such a sweetheart!) and pass the award on to 15 bloggers I’ve recently discovered.

If you read coffeerocketfairytale regularly, the following 7 things might be not new to you – sorry about that, I can’t really think of anything, I’ll try to keep it as random as possible.

  1. I am a trained journalist.
  2. I am currently training as pastry chef.
  3. I fell in love with New Zealand when I was 15 years old and despite eager travelling haven’t found a place I loved more ever since.
  4. I have too many hobbies.
  5. I also have too many dream jobs.
  6. I enjoy travelling alone (which I found out recently).
  7. I can’t quite remember why I started blogging, but it has become such a big part of my life that I can’t remember what I did before, either.
Okay, now let’s pass this thing on and make some bloggers happy.
That’s actually quite tricky, because I have soooo many blogs in my reader that I love!
One award certainly goes to a fellow German, Katja from mädchenmitherz – I just discovered her blog recently (go and check it out, she blogs in English & German) and just love it.
I hope you don’t mind if I put my other favourites in a list – I just need to set myself a deadline, otherwise I go on about those blogs (and how absolutely amazing they are) forever.
I award:
Most of these blogs aren’t entirely new to me, I have to admit, but I enjoy reading them so much and think they have truly deserved to be named.

12 thoughts on “Seven things and 15 people | WEEKEND WIND UP #44

  1. Thank you, Dani, thank you, Jayca. I’m glad I rock. 🙂 That’s an attribute I really love.

  2. Thanks ladies, you’re welcome! Your blogs give me inspiration every single day!

    Grace, being a pastry chef certainly is one of my dream jobs. Journalism is my passion, too, but I dream of having a little bakery somewhere in New Zealand one day and do some freelance writing.

  3. Thank you, my dear! I didn’t know you were training to be a pastry chef. Is this one of your dream jobs?

  4. Thanks for the mention! 😀 And thank you for letting me discover your blog (you’ve made me really want to make those cake-cicle things!). I’m checking out all of the others in the list that I didn’t know about right now! ❤

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