Where do you blog from? – Blogging worldwide

Probably the best thing about the internet is that it connects people from all around the world.

Since I started coffeerocketfairytale I got to “meet” the most amazing people from different countries and various backgrounds.

Fellow blogger Mary Rebecca had the awesome idea to start some sort of directory, a list of blogs from all parts of the world where people can find new blogs and have their blogs discovered by other people.

Her project is called “Blogging Worldwide” and everyone with a blog can take part.

Simply head over to her blog and fill in the form she prepared – all she’s asking for is your name, the name of your blog and where it can be found and the place (country) where you blog from.

I love the idea and I’m curious to see where participating people blog from.

7 thoughts on “Where do you blog from? – Blogging worldwide

  1. Ana, maybe you can still get on the list. Try and sent a message to Mary Rebecca, it’s worth a try!

  2. I missed the deadline for this – so gutted! Was about to sign up now then scrolled down the page and…ohhh no! Will be great to see the other blogs that come out of it though.

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