Last minute lecture on photography

I’m going to a wedding tomorrow.

Except… I’m not invited.

Well, don’t get me wrong – I am welcome there.

I’m just not going to be a normal guest.

I’ve been “hired” by one of my best friends to attend her sister’s wedding as a photographer and waitress.


Working in hospitality since I was 15, it’s not the waiting job that bugs me.

During my journalism training, I bought a wonderful DSLR camera – and was able to handle it, too.

Until that fateful day we wrote a test on the theory behind that damn thing – and I got everything mixed up and can’t remember a single thing about it ever since.

True story.

F-Stop, aperture, shutter speed, ISO – when I hear these things I get that same cold shiver down my back I got in secondary school during Maths and Chemistry lessons.

So I just did some last minute research and came across this wonderful tutorial and these brilliant pages which helped me a little bit.

But anyways – what I was originally going to tell you about was my little prezzie I just prepared for the bride and groom.

I think I’m not expected to bring something, because technically I’m staff, but I just think it’s a nice gesture to bring at least a beautiful card or something along.

So I designed and printed a “Congratulations” card and then turned to the Goddess of Baking, Bakerella, for advice.

She posted a cookie mix-gift-idea (called “Cowboy Cookies“) a while ago and I’ve been wanting to try this ever since.

Last week I found some suitable mason jars, so I quickly made up my own mix (changed it only slightly) and labelled it appropriately enough “Wedding Cookies”:

250 g flour

1 teaspoon baking powder & some baking soda

220 g oats

200 g Smarties

120 g brown sugar

100 g white sugar

70 – 100 g chopped peanuts

All they have to do now is mix everything in a large bowl and add either 250 g melted butter or oil and one egg, form little balls and put them on a tray that goes into the oven for about ten minutes.

Depending on the size of the jars you use, you might want to add some more peanuts (or Smarties, if you’re able to estimate the remaining capacity by the time you add them).


5 thoughts on “Last minute lecture on photography

  1. Really? A brownie-version of that recipe sounds delicious… if you find it, can I please have it? I love trying new brownie recipes…

  2. Thank you, Sherri, I hope they like it, too.

    Bella, yesterday was just loooooong… I started work at the bakery at 4 am, rushed home by 11, got dressed and rushed to the wedding half an hour later. Finally at around midnight I was sooo tired I had to go home and get some sleep after 22 hours. But it was so beautiful! I’ll do a post about it soon, but for now I’m just too tired… 😉

  3. I”m eager to read how that wedding turned out! How exciting to be asked to take photos at a wedding! I can’t think of a greater honor! And how sweet of you to bring along a present! 🙂

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