Baking Experiment No. 251 {The Double B} | WEEKEND WIND UP #45

Yesterday I put the question out there to the ever-growing Twitter community to ask: what to do with leftover buttercream?!

Obviously, eating it just as it is sounds like a good option, but I had too much to eat it all and too little to put it on a cake.

Next thing, I turned to food blogs and finally Pinterest but all I could find was buttercream frosting – so I decided to come up with my own solution.

A little baking experiment followed and the product looks like this:

Buttercream Brownies!

So yummy and by far one of my best creations yet.

I divided the Brownie dough by two and cooked one half at a time, so that I ended up having two very thin Brownie cakes.

I spread the buttercream on top of one half, put the other half on top and cut the cake into Brownie-size… well… you know, Brownies.

The recipe I used is roughly based on a recipe of BBC’s GoodFood 101 Chocolate treats book (once again tweaked to suit my purpose):

The buttercream was a leftover from when I made cupcakes with buttercream topping the other day (which I didn’t take pics of, otherwise you would have been able to witness that adventure, too) and was basically made from a vanilla pudding (of 1/2 l milk) and 250 g butter (room temperature).

By the way, the perfect brownie should be slightly moist on the inside and have a papery crust on the top, so make sure not to overcook.

If you leave a brownie in the oven for too long, you’ll end up disappointed, because it will come out all dry and not very tasty.

Also not so good: overbeating the dough.

Just like when you make muffins, you should make sure to mix all ingredients just as long as they need to combine, but not any longer, otherwise your brownies might end up with cracked edges or a crust (other than the papery one we’re after).

It sounds like a bit of a science, but it’s not that hard, actually.

All it takes is a little practise!

7 thoughts on “Baking Experiment No. 251 {The Double B} | WEEKEND WIND UP #45

  1. Show me pics once you’ve made some, pleeeeeaaase, Naomi!

    And Kelly: have fun with your baking and stay save during the hurricane!

  2. I would love to! I suppose you’re not living somewhere close to the south of Germany, though? 🙂

  3. Thank you! I would love to see how your brownies turned out, you will have to let me know when you tried them!

  4. I stopped by today due to the LBS Tea Party and I am so glad I did.
    Oh my. Those look incredible! Wow, I guess I have to bake them now.
    Thank you for sharing your talents and recipes!

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