Luigi update

I’ve had a pretty hectic week – mostly because I spent a lot of time at work (learning to bake wonderful cakes), but partly also because of Luigi.

We noticed that whenever Luigi came back from visiting our next-door neighbour he would be very aggressive and smell funny.

{via Wikipedia}

A lot of research made me wonder if he might have been in contact with valeriana when spending time at our neighbour’s – and that plant is not good for cats at all.

Apparently they get into a delirious state, get funny looking eyes and get especially very aggressive.

After the first symptoms wore off, Luigi was still feeling sick, so we decided to keep him inside while our neighbour is home and only let him out when the neighbour is at work.

Luigi doesn’t like it, but since we stick to those principles, he is feeling so much better and looks healthy and behaves normal again.

– But now that you know the story I think it’s time of some happy Luigi pics!

Do you have any experience with mysterious behavior of your pets? 

4 thoughts on “Luigi update

  1. Maybe your dog ate something that wasn’t wholesome for him or something. Glad to hear he’s all happy-go-lucky again, though!

  2. Well, my dog Rainey (Sheltie) wasn’t eating last week. He threw up one day and was moping and sad looking. I was ready to take him to the vet but he still devoured the treats I offered and chased a squirrel at break neck speed. It just didn’t make sense. Then my husband came home from his business trip and he was jumping, running and an all around happy-go-lucky doggie again!

  3. Thanks Bella for your kind words. I read them out to Luigi and he purred. 🙂 In my experience, cats usually know which plants (outside) not to touch, but the weird thing is that the whole trouble started when our neighbour let him inside his home. I usually don’t mind my cats going over to visit neighbours (he does it all the time with all houses in the area – when the people are outside he just strolls past and casts a look…) but I don’t want him to get sick. That’s just not on.

  4. Poor Luigi! I’m glad he seems to be better now! I think with cats it’s especially dangerous to let them out if you don’t know what kind of plants and flowers they might be coming into contact with. He looks adorable in his photos 🙂

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