Popsicle Business

I think I might be opening a popsicle business soon.

Seriously, my cake-sicles turn out so much better than most cupcakes (even though I use the same batter!) – I wonder why!

For this one, I went back to my recipe for Fairytaleicious Cupcakes

Unfortunately, I poured in faaaaar too much sugar so the batter turned out to taste very boring.

So I needed some taste and what does a clever caffein-addict do? Add coffee!

I added about two table spoons of high-quality instant coffee powder and then proceded like nothing had happened.

And the result is… marvellous!

There is one downside to it, though: just like last time I made popsicles and cupcakes but for some reason the cupcakes don’t taste as good as the popsicles.

They are somehow dryer and not as delicious.

Surely that’s a sign, right? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Popsicle Business

  1. I really love the cake-sicles, I just don’t understand why the cupcakes aren’t as nice… (anymore, I should say, because I used to like them so much!).

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