Coffee Craft

You know me, the word “coffee” always instantly grabs my attention.

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Also, I am always on the hunt for new D.I.Y. projects and fun crafty stuff to do.

Naturally, I came across these free coffee embroidery patterns on Mollie’s blog “Wild Olive“.

They are so pretty, but other than embroidery, there are so many other wonderful coffee-related tutorials out there!

Cindy from “Skip to my Lou” can show you how to make fabric coffee cup sleeves.

Also very cute and relatively simple yet brilliant are these tutorials on how to make pretty flower ornaments and white wreaths out of coffee filters.

A great crochet tutorial for coffee cup amigurumi can be found on this blog here, by the way.

Do you know any coffee-related craft projects? Tell me about it! 


4 thoughts on “Coffee Craft

  1. Thank you for stopping by, MondoMom! These craft ideas are certainly 100% decaf and hence absolutely safe for your baby! 😉

  2. Love these ideas… I too am a bit obsessed with coffee. But I go with decaf these days since I am nursing our little one!

  3. Let me know once you’ve tried any of these out, I’m curious to see the results, Bella. On Sep, 30, it was “Day of Coffee” in Germany, by the way.

  4. You know me, anything with the word coffee captures my attention and these crafts seem like something I’d like to try out! Thanks for sharing, lady!

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