The Big Knit | WEEKEND WIND UP #46

When I was ten or eleven years old, I knitted a scarf.

It was long and blue and the stitches were uneven.

After seeing my nana knitting perfectly even stitches, I gave up on knitting, deciding it was nothing for me.

A few years later, I turned to crochet instead (and I love it! Right now I’m making a blanket!), but now I finally re-discovered knitting.

It all started with a little brochure inside one of mum’s magazines, telling me about “Das große Stricken” – “The Big Knit” – where you knit little hats for smoothie bottles and for every behatted bottle that is being sold in a supermarket, 30ct go to the German Red Cross.

A cute idea, I found, so I started knitting again.

Other people knit little animals, vegetables and other cute little things to put on top of each smoothie bottle – compared to their works of art, my first attempts look very poor…

But I keep knitting anyway. ‘Tis early practise only makes the master.

And what are you up to these days? Do you want to get knitting, too? 

Go here for a beginner’s tutorial!


3 thoughts on “The Big Knit | WEEKEND WIND UP #46

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  2. I love knitting, I’ve been playing with crochet lately but I have a few scarves on the needles that I’m excited to wrap up this month 🙂

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