Surprise | WEEKEND WIND UP #47

Technically, I should go to bed right NOW.

Because I

  • a) am coming down with a cold and have a headache,
  • b) have to get up at 3 am, as work starts at 4.
  • c) am really tired because the week was quite busy so far.

But I have some exciting things I want to share with you (can’t wait any longer, I’ve been wanting to share this with you for almost seven days now!)

Last week, my mum surprised me with this: (imagine The Boss singing “Surprise, surprise, come open your eyes” in the background – that song plays in my head whenever I hear – or think – the word surprise and it just suits the occassion) 

Yes, a new sewing machine!

You know I’ve been wanting to improve my sewing and handling-a-sweing-machine skills for quite a while now, right!?

Well, it’s happening, people, it’s happening.

Because on top of that first surprise, I – rather accidentally, to be honest – discovered a fabric story just down the road from my work.

And turns out they have exactly that kind of fabric that I’ve been looking for – in one word: cute.

If I’m not too tired after work tomorrow, I’ll start my new project in the afternoon!

It’s going to be a gift to someone so I don’t want to reveal too much, but you’ll get to see the results eventually (promise!).

If you have a sewing project planned or going on at the moment, I would love to hear about it! And any advice is more than welcome, of course! 


5 thoughts on “Surprise | WEEKEND WIND UP #47

  1. Bella, I’ve got one and a half days of what I call weekend, that must be enough to recover… Luckily, I also happen to have a really good tailor whom I trust with tricky stuff and most of my clothes when there is something that needs to be fixed, actually. I just trust her sewing skills more than mine. 😉 But I’m really looking forward to using my new little sewing machine for creative projects and things.

    Tina, you’re absolutely right! Until now I used Mum’s old sewing machine which works perfectly fine, but now that I’ve tried the new one, I realised there is a big difference! It’s so much easier to align your stitches in a straight line with the new machine and that’s probably because it’s running a bot more smoothly than the old one! So happy!

  2. Lady, I hope you’re feeling better! There’s a nasty cold going around and my poor mom’s had it for the past two weeks! That said, how cool is that gift! When I moved to Europe, I had to leave behind my little sewing machine and am now at the mercy of whatever tailor I can find. Grief. I hope you’ll post photos of anything you make! 🙂

  3. I like the idea! My brother needs some curtains, too, so maybe I should keep that in mind for the next birthday… Depending on what type of curtains you have in mind for your brother-in-law’s kitchen, I think it should be relatively easy. Obviously with curtains one thing is that you would have a lot of fabric to deal with, but as long as you keep it relatively simple, even for novices like you (and me even more than you probably) it should be manageable.
    A few years ago I made a tunic (which I still wear in summer) and some pillow cases and both projects turned out okay, so I’m fairly confident the next project will go smoothly, too.

  4. What a great gift! I was going to take a couple of sewing classes last month, but time and budget prevented it. I’m a true novice and really need a lot of help. I’m so excited to see whatever you’re creating. I wanted to make some curtains for my brother-in-laws’ kitchen. We’ll see if I follow through. Happy sewing!

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