Knitting obsession much?

Look what I just found on Pinterest:

Yes, it’s an actual cake!

A knitting-basket-cake, so to speak. Created by the lovely lady who writes Cake Notes.

Isn’t the detail of her work amazing?

6 thoughts on “Knitting obsession much?

  1. Oh, Bella, I know exactly what you mean! It’s brilliant and really admireable what some people can do…

  2. Sabrina, this is an incredible cake! I thought it was one of those plastic or play dough things the kids play with! Unbelievable. I’m envious of some of the talents people possess! 🙂

  3. Hannah, Ana, I agree with both of you – the yarn/wool is amazing! It looks so incredibly realistic! I really admire this lady’s baking skills…

  4. Oh Gosh! Thats amazing, I love it so much. The balls of wall just look so realistic don’t they…I think I may have to start hinting to my family… 😉

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