Happy Halloween! | WEEKEND WIND UP #49

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It’s Halloween weekend again so I kept looking for some spooky inspiration for a perfect Halloween party.

1. Spooky Cocktails via Martha Stewart / / 2. Halloween dekoration (eyeball wreath via The Dainty Squid & Halloween garland via Fredflare) / / 3. Corpse Bride cake via Pinterest/Google / / 4. Halloween game via kidzui / / 5. Halloween food (cupcakes via Cute for Kids) / / 6. Pumpkin via Skull-a-day 

There’s much more cool stuff out there, e. g. Halloween pancake molds, more inventive Halloween recipes and Peanuts Spooky Hot Chocolate

I’m sure everyone who plans a Halloween breakfast/tea/party will find plenty of inspiration on the web.

Do you have any fun Halloween activities planned? 


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! | WEEKEND WIND UP #49

  1. The cake is awesome, eh! But according to Pinterest, where I first saw it, it’s a wedding cake! And that’s a bit too freaky for me, I have to admit. I think I would prefer a rather traditional wedding cake with lots of pink buttercream…

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