monday morning message #54

National Novel Writing Month – short NaNoWriMo – starts tomorrow and although with all the Christmas prep (you know, making the first Christmas cookies and Lebkuchen and Stollen and everything) this will be a very busy month at work, I have signed up again.

{via Pinterest}

I haven’t finished last year’s novel – actually, I have made hardly any progress at all on it – but the other day, when I tried to decide whether to a) start all over again b) start all over again with a new cast of characters, plot and everything or c) keep writing and hope for the best, an idea about the plot came to my mind.

So I decided to go with c) and be confident that everything will turn out as planned.

Do you take part in NaNoWriMo? (Or if not, do you have any topics you think someone like me should really incorporate into a fictional novel about loosing and finding people?) 


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