People find coffeerocketfairytale when…

… they use search terms like:

  • All Blacks Pumpkin – why would you search for that? Anyway, I did it too, and found one:

    {click for source}

  • mangos – yum!
  • weheartit photography related to energy – wonder what that looks like
  • gameboy chocolate cake me – obviously this person thought he/she was a gameboy-shaped chocolate cake… {I actually google-searched that one, too, but all I could find was a Gameboy toast:}

  • cactus soil – legitimite, since I blogged about cacti here and here
  • rock n roll bakery – oh hell, yes!
  • jon hamm – mentioned him once I think…
  • when you have a important decision to make flip a coin  
  • sadje – ???
  • tool shaped candy – yeah, obviously I’m an expert…
  • heart shape as a puzzle outline – not sure what that’s supposed to mean and why they found us with that search term…
  • ridiculous stuff made – yup, coffeerocketfairytale is the place where you find “ridiculous”
  • i’m too pretty to work– so am I

    {click for source}

  • bon jovi new jersey buttons – If you find any, send me some over, please!
  • maths tumblr – Maths? Me? Wrong time, wrong place, buddy!
  • how to make flat white – Coffee, however, is one thing I know all about.
  • what really happened, what really can’t happen – So what did happen in the end?
  • jon bon jovi/bathing suit – Very intrigued by that search term…
  • what is the “working end” in crochet – that’s the long part of the thread, the one you are actually working with, just in case anyone was wondering.

2 thoughts on “People find coffeerocketfairytale when…

  1. Lady, I love the kookiness of these search terms! Sometimes when I see the ones used for my blog I’m left thinking, what in the heck? Yours made me smile!

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