The cat & the jar | WEEKEND WIND UP #52

You probably recognise him – this is my cat, Luigi.

Mischief managed!

I love my kitten, but I also love looking at artwork that incorporates cat motives.

Have a look at some of my favourites:

1. A colourful coffee jar transformed into a “cat” jar by Eric Barclay

2.  Pretty print by Donna McKenzie (via corelladesign)

3. Lego art (via flickr/marioanders)

4. No post without coffee – cat coffee art via curiousphotos

Now don’t ask me which one is my favourite, I couldn’t possibly choose one, they are all so beautiful. (Especially this one here, haha!)

I would certainly love to have that Donna McKenzie print hanging on the wall of my lounge one day. And the cat jar on my kitchen counter. And my future kids would play with the giant Lego cat while I sip my cat art flat white.

Which one do you like best? 


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