Last Christmas… | WEEKEND WIND UP #54

You know it’s Christmas time when you turn on the radio and no matter which station you choose, they all play “Last Christmas” by Wham.

Are you in Christmas mood yet?

It’s the first weekend of Advent and I’m in a festive mood already.

Since I only bake about two tons of Christmas cookies at work each day, Mum and I decided to increase my workload a little bit – and made a list of 20 different types of Christmas cookies we want to make this year.

I made a start and made some Vanillekipferl (vanilla crescents), Kokosflocken (coconut macaroons), Haselnussmakronen (hazelnut macaroons), Ausstecher (sugar cookies) and Wespennester (Wasp’s Nest Cookies) – five out of 20.

And what are you up to during Christmas time? 


3 thoughts on “Last Christmas… | WEEKEND WIND UP #54

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  2. Yup, made them all myself. Should you and Roxy ever consider coming to Germany any time soon, make sure to stop by for a visit and try some, Bella!

  3. Sabrina, did you make these? These photos made me drool! Gosh, how I love Christmas cookies! (Or any cookies for that matter!) hee hee! 🙂

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