St Nicholas’ Day

St Nicholas is traditionally being celebrated on December 6.

When I was little I would wake up in the mornings and find my boots filled with sweets and chocolates.

Then when I grew older my mum kind of left that tradition out and December 6 would just be like any other day.

And then this year when I totally didn’t expect anything special, she decided to bring the old tradition back – and give me a special prezzie for St Nicholas’ Day:

A little tray filled with the most beautiful macarons ever. Sooooo delicious!

I’ve been trying to make perfect macarons like these for a long time – and one attempt actually turned out to be quite successful, too.

But, for a change, it’s really nice not to have to stand in the kitchen all day to enjoy some yumminess.

How did you spent St Nicholas’ Day? 

2 thoughts on “St Nicholas’ Day

  1. Sabrina, I took one look at the macaroons and swooned! Would you believe they sell them here for a euro each! Outrageous! I caved a couple of weekend ago and bought one, and it literally melted in my mouth before I could savor it! I think I’ll need a whole plate before my craving is satiated! Sadly, I got nothing for St. Nichols but that’s okay, there’s always next year! 🙂

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