Start the countdown

Do you have an advent calender?

When I was little, my grandma would give me a huge calender with 24 little heart-shaped bags filled with goodies.

This year, my mum bought me a box of 24 pralinés instead (except the lady in the shop didn’t count them properly because for some reason there aren’t enough left already! And I only ate one a day, seriously!)

Anyway, even without a proper advent calender, it’s about time to start to count down to Christmas, don’t you think?

There aren’t enough Christmas songs being played on German radio this year, so I decided to share my favourite Christmas songs with you and today I want to start with this one here:

I love Bruce Springsteen (remember how I totally freaked out because I saw him?). Oh, and I want his hat.


2 thoughts on “Start the countdown

  1. Oh, Bella, one thing I remember about advent calendars is that year when I turned 15 and my nana and my mum decided I was getting “too old” for advent calendars (their argument was I didn’t believe in Santa Claus anymore either, so I was too old for an advent calendar, too). Anyway, the older I got the more I had to convince them that I still wanted one. Until I spent two and a half Christmases abroad. Since I came back home, my mum spoils me during Christmas time like mad. 😀

  2. Sabrina, I’ve started the countdown! I’m ready for Christmas to arrive, even though I haven’t decorated, cleaned, or organized the house. I’ve decided to embrace the holiday spirit as is. I saw the advent calendar on your post and had to smile. When my children were little, I bought them one every year. They would take turns opening the little doors and always shared the candy. What a great memory! 🙂

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