Procrastinating 20.12 | WEEKEND WIND UP#56

Happy (belated) New Year, my dear readers!

I spent the first 12 days of 2012 procrastinating and that was for multiple reasons.

In February, I have to sit an interim examination at culinary school which means I have fours hours and a room full of equipment to produce two quiches, about 20 to 30 phyllo pastry turnovers and one “page” of chocolate writing as you’d put it on a special cake. Oh, and I have to decorate a table on which I can arrange my products like you would in a shop window.

In March, I’ll get another couple of hours to do the theory: f

Still wondering why I procrastinate?

Procrastination always works better on vacation so after a terrific New Year’s Eve party at my house, I packed my bags and went off to see some friends (and heaps of snow) in Austria.

I visited some really nice places, did quite a bit cross-country skiing and snow shovelling and ate the most delicious cakes ever.

I think I might just put up a little gallery for you so that you can get an impression of what I got up while trying not to worry too much about the upcoming exams.

I see quite a few of my fellow bloggers out there have set themselves goals for 2012 and as much as I enjoy to read about these, I would also love to hear about what my readers want to achieve this year.

So what are your resolutions for the next 12 months? 


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