monday morning message #56

Turn the page.


4 thoughts on “monday morning message #56

  1. Moving on can relate to so many things, Bella, and yet what first comes to our minds when thinking about moving on are relationships that didn’t work out. I just recently found my old diaries again and I tend to get a little sad when flicking through the pages and thinking about what my life used to be like, is like at the moment and what could have possibly been if I had made other decisions. And that is not only relating to relationships… Oh, I can be so sentimental… 😉

  2. Lady, now this is inspiring! And yet so many of us have such difficulty in moving on! I wonder why that is. Perhaps it’s easier to stay grounded to that which is familiar to us, but in the case of bad relationships, what’s our excuse? And now I’ve gone off on a tangent! hee hee! But yeah, movin’ on! 🙂

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