Home-made chocolate swirls and Honey Nut Bees

Oh, I wished there was a feature here on WordPress that could enable me to connect my brain with my blog.

How many times have I found myself thinking: “That would make a great blog post…”, just to realise in the end I hadn’t blogged at all because I was lacking time and delight.

So like it or not, I will now try and make up for the most important bits you missed and do a wrap-up post to get you up-to-date on what’s been happening in my life (not that it would be ground-breaking exciting, though).

1) Let me introduce you to Cake-sicle – The Snowflake Version –

{I made the basic mix without the buttermilk and nutmix and added instead roasted hazelnuts and chocolate drops (plus some additional milk) on the inside, as well as coconut flakes on the outside. Yum!}

2) Speaking of baking… did I tell you what Santa got me for Christmas? 

{Yessss! It’s a KitchenAid! And it’s pink!}

3) While we’re at it… I also made chocolates yesterday: 

Pretty, huhn!?

Wanna know how I made these?

Well, I’m Sabrina, so I just flicked my index finger and tatataaaa… – no, seriously, it was very easy to do actually.

I got these silicon trays for chocolate-making a little while ago, so all I basically had to do was melt some chocolate, fill it into the holes and let it cool.

I used 100g white chocolate to fill 15 holes half, then added some shredded Oreo cookies and Honeynut Loops and filled the remaining space (as well as the other tray) with milk and dark chocolate, 100g each.

And after approximately two hours in the fridge my chocolate swirls were ready to be served (and eaten). Super-yum!

Also, this is very off-topic now, but I haven’t blogged properly in a while so I kind of brim over with trivia and fun facts no one needs to know really… but did you ever realise how much fun Wikipedia is?

No, seriously, I couldn’t even tell you how many times I looked something up and then stumbled upon random facts I found really interesting. For instance, I searched for Honeynut Loops (mainly because I wanted to give you a reference so that you know what I talk about) and then came across this fun fact:

The mascot of Honey Loops is a honeybee called Loopy, in which now in the continent of Europe has became female, whilst the UK and Irish version is still male. {Wikipedia}

Why is that, I wonder? Also, I hate the fact they dropped the Nut-bit in the name in 1998. I still call them Honeynut Loops.

3) I finally treated myself to an iPhone (mainly because I hated the fact that I couldn’t synchronise my macbook with my Nokia) and can hence enjoy the pleasures of Instagram

{Yup, you should totally follow me. And also excuse the poor quality of this crappy shot. This happens when you use a macbook to take a pic of your phone showing your instagram profile…}

I would totally love to tell you more random stuff, but since I have to be up and running by 5 tomorrow morning I should really go to bed now…


2 thoughts on “Home-made chocolate swirls and Honey Nut Bees

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  2. Sabrina, there’s so much to comment on in the post! First off, the pink Kitchen Aid! Love! I have a small three cup pink mocha pot! I’m a pink girl, all the way. The chocolate. Who would’ve thought it was so easy! And they look divine. I like your random posts! There’s a bit of everything. Congratulations on the iPhone. Someday I will have one too! hee hee! 🙂

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