Spidey | WEEKEND WIND UP #58

Did you hear that scream?

Yeah, I have to admit, that was me. I have a good excuse, though: when I was just taking a shower I found this huge, gigantic spider in the shower cabin, right above my head.

So what does a clever girl in a situation like this?

Well, since I’m a multitasker, I did two things: I screamed and I debated whether the spider was just a normal spider (and therefore worth the screaming) or one of the radio-active type that would bite me and transform me into Spiderwoman.

Not ideal, because as much as I love comic book characters and think that Spiderman is pretty cool… Batman is just way cooler.

I’ve seen some cool comic book character-stuff on Pinterest and on the web (no pun intended, haha) lately and now feels like the perfect time to share with you.

Have a look at my favourites:

{Superhero cake via Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/pin/138626494749783119/);  Wolverine print via ffffound (http://ffffound.com/image/a664bb1a1f36bbc586f5676f7147f13f4c3170d5); Superhero Cross Stitch Pattern via Pixel People on Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/listing/80948839/pixel-people-superhero-alphabet-sampler); Batcan via imgfave (http://imgfave.com/view/538678); Wonder Woman & Batman cross stitch phone cover via weelittlestitches (http://weelittlestitchescrossstitch.blogspot.com/2011/10/stitch-your-own-cell-phone-case.html?showComment=1318151665472#c3431983154041266539); Keep Calm poster via bumbumbum.me (http://pinterest.com/pin/138626494749502973/); Superhero Cupcakes via Incr-Edible Cakes (http://www.incrediblecakes.com.au/page7.htm)}


2 thoughts on “Spidey | WEEKEND WIND UP #58

  1. Sabrina, I confess–I’m a Spiderman fan. And given his cool skills, I might have been tempted to let that spider take a bite. I could totally climb buildings at night and get in some extra cardio! hee hee! 🙂

  2. Our family is one of those that LOVE super heroes. We incline more to marvel than DC, still we go crazy for them. So with that said is the tshirts for all of us, even wear them when we go to the movies to watch a new release.

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