Snow White and Rose Red (well, almost)

I guess first you want to know how the exam went.

Well… the Danish pastry (in other words: the things I had freaked out about in the days before the exam) turned out quite nicely – everything else (meaning the “easy” stuff) didn’t.

In case this bit of information doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, here’s what my presentation looked like:

But let’s forget the exams for now (at least until I get the results).

The past few weeks have been quite stressful and now is finally the time for some more enjoyable things.

Today I paid a visit to my hairdresser’s – and I am happy to announce that she did a great job and my hair looks like this now:

I used an Instagram filter on that pic, but the colour is actually that awesome in real life!

And it gets even better!

On my way home the streets looked like this:

Yeah, okay, the red lights weren’t that pleasant actually, but hey, there’s snow!!! Finally!

Of course there were some *insert-curse-of-your-choice-here* out on the road who were freaked out by a little bit of snow and that scared to drive that they actually blocked the roads and caused traffic jams but nevermind, these things happen…

Well, gotta go now… there’s yet another cake that wants to be made, a show piece for a competition at a trade fair that I need to have ready and in place by 9:00 am on Saturday morning.

As you can see, my to do list never gets any shorter despite the amount of work I get done.

And what are you up to these days? 

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