Miniature makes it big | WEEKEND WIND UP#

The cake I made for the trade show was terribly dry – yet marvellous.

I guess that’s not really surprising, given the fact that it was made of styrofoam.

The rules of the competition stated that the inside of each cake didn’t have to be edible, it was the decoration that counted and the given theme was called “Confectionary art yesterday, today and tomorrow” (loosely translated).

So I chose to mould marzipan to make a little pastry chef amidst miniature cakes, croissants, Lebkuchen, cupcakes and futuristic pastries.

On Wednesday, every participant of the competition was invited to join the prize giving ceremony where the member of the professional association of pastry chefs in Germany announced the winners and gave out certificates and prizes.

And guess what!

I came third! And won a medal! And got to stand on the winner’s podium! Yay for me!

(Obviously I wasn’t able to take any pics of myself at the ceremony, but my mum and my boss apparently took some photos and promised to share them – but at least I can show you the medal I won:)

Beside the medal and certificate, I also got a really cool coffee cup (and a coffee-oholic can never have too many coffee cups, right!?), a 50-euro amazon gift card and 3kg Valrhona chocolate.

Pretty awesome, eh!? (Especially the chocolate, har har har)


8 thoughts on “Miniature makes it big | WEEKEND WIND UP#

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  5. Congrats! Your cake looks great and I never would have guessed it was styrofoam inside! It’s fantastic that you won 3rd place and got a metal (and some nice prizes).

  6. Cheers Bella! The baker turned out quite cute indeed but the item I’m really proud of is the miniature Black Forest Cherry Cake (the white “plate” on the left) – it has real miniature cherries and chocolate shavings!

  7. Sabrina, congratulations, lady! That cake looks wonderful, even if the inside is made of styrofoam! The little baker is adorable. And how wonderful to have a medal to show for all your hard work. Good for you! 🙂

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