Did the Oscars change my life?

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is Oscars night.

One year ago I spent what might be considered the most important night in showbiz literally glued to the TV screen, laptop ready, notepad on hand, eagerly waiting for “the story”.

{via Pinterest/google - original source unknown}

Back then I used to work for an entertainment news agency and dreamed of a career in what I like to call “real journalism”.

You know, the serious stuff. Politics, business, war reporting.

One month later, I quit my job and applied at a bakery/café to become a pastry chef.

So here I am now, reflecting on the past year and although I’m happier than ever with the career-change I realised recently how much I miss the thrill of getting a good story.

Not the thrill of a good story in entertainment news, because from my point of view that can hardly be called news, but the thrill I got used to when chasing (small but) real stories back when I did my degree.

Recently, we had this TV crew at work who filmed our bakery and café to do a little spot for a television cookery show and although I usually prefer print journalism, I was itching to jump behind the camera and do the filming myself!

Instead I was being interviewed. (It felt very awkward. My colleague enjoyed it, though. She was like: “We are going to be TV stars!”)

So I guess coffeerocketfairytale had its fair share of glamour for this month.

The Oscar itself probably didn’t change my life, but it certainly is an indicator how much I changed my life. Cheers, Academy!


3 thoughts on “Did the Oscars change my life?

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  2. Bella, I think I am quite lucky indeed. Since I’ve been doing the pastry chef-stuff, I have found more time for hobbies like reading and writing (even though the news writing sort of “killed off” my creative writing, but there’s hope I’ll gain that back someday) which I didn’t do much while working for the entertainment news agency. Back then I would spent nine to ten hours a day in front of the computer so when I came home at night I found reading very tiring… All in all, both jobs have their pros and cons.

  3. Sabrina, incredible how many things can change in the span of a year, eh? It seems you’re in a very exciting phase in your life, doing what you like, and being interviewed is like icing on the cake. I can also imagine how exciting the news reporting must have been and I think you’re a lucky lady to be able to say you’ve done both! 🙂

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