Currently shocked because of…

You know how I occassionally do those “Currently obsessed with…” posts when there is one thing I am really obsessed with for a while (like when I was crazy about searching for pretty cakes online or that time when I was super-excited about Belgium, nailpolish and cake pops)!?

Today it’s the other way round.

Let me show you what shocked me that much that I am actually quite speechless about it:

Twilight nails. Twilight nails!? I mean…. hellooooohooo? TWILIGHT NAILS?

No words.


4 thoughts on “Currently shocked because of…

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  2. Each to their own I suppose. Twilight fan or not – someone actually put the faces of real people on their nails. It’s hilarious, but you can hardly call that nail art…

  3. Pahahaha this is awesome!! Not in a good way, it’s so funny that people actually have these on their nails! And that’s coming from a Twilight fan!

  4. Sabrina, really? What in the world? Tell me those are decals and that someone didn’t sit through a five hour session of nail painting! Shudder! 🙂

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