Currently obsessed with…

Following this week’s “Currently shocked because of…” post, I now feel obliged to tell you what I’m currently crazy about.

Currently, I’m obsessed with…

1. Drake’s Deception – I grew up with Tomb Raider (that was shortly after my Lemmings phase, you know) so naturally I’m no stranger to PS adventures. My brother just recently lent me Nathan Drake’s third PS3 adventure and I just can’t stop playing it. {By the way, according to a comment on Pinterest, Nathan Drake is “sometimes described as a Ben Affleck action stunt double but without the dickyness” – I wonder what Ben Affleck has say to this statement…)

2. You Found Me – I just recently saw a music documentary in which The Fray performed this song and now I got it stuck in my head for days. “Lost and insecure… you found me… you found me…” Okay, okay, I’ll stop torturing you with my singing voice now.


3 thoughts on “Currently obsessed with…

  1. Cheers for the comments, Matthew and Bella. I’ll surely check out the other parts of the Uncharted series.

  2. Okay, I love the comment about Nathan Drake and why he’s not like the cocky, arrogant, Ben Affleck! 🙂

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